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At the OFDB you can find information on organic food products sold in stores such as juices, breads, fruits, vegetables, and dairy products. We also have listings of organically grown produce from organic farms and organic restaurants. Now you can also search through our stores and CSAs. The OFDB's community seeks to expand it's information world wide. Our goal is to provide the community with as much information as possible. This includes all types of practices such as farming, gardening, food manufacturing and food preparing.

We currently are looking for dedicated farmers and restaurant owners for interviews about their experiences as a benefit to the OFDB community.

Check out the Ethical Directory for additional health related information.

Registered members can add and edit organic food products, farms, restaurants, stores and CSAs to the OFDB's database.

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Guitton Farms


We are a certified organic farm and have been since 1997. We raise the feed necessary for beef production. We sell our beef cut, wrapped and frozen ready for the freezer. Portions are individually wrapped for smaller families. We believe in quality and superior service to our customers. Our products are available at Planet Organic Market, in both Edmonton, AB and Calgary, AB. Direct sales are available within the province of Alberta by contacting us at our email address: We are certified through Global Organic Alliance, Inc., Bellefontaine, Ohio.

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