Is Crate Training Your Dog Humane?

Marley, a Labrador retriever teaches a few life lessons to the journalist couple, played by Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston in Marley & Me. It’s delightful to watch Marley’s unconditional love and destructive behavior on their household, on-screen, teaching the couple plenty of life lessons in the process. But, it isn’t funny or delightful to get trained by a dog on life, in real life.

If your dog isn’t trained out of its natural instincts to gnaw and chew, it may not be delightful to come back home from work to find your new couch in shreds. Pet training is mandatory when you decide to bring one into your life. Dogs are quick learners if you can take them through the training slowly and with patience.

Crate training your dog is giving him a space to call his own. It addresses the basic need for animals to get into their “own den.” When crated, your dog can survive an accident in your car. Crates can come handy if your air travels with your dog or book into hotel suites.

Is Crate training your dog, humane?

Every thoughtful exercise for your dog, including crate training, is about ensuring his safety and comfort, and hence is humane and anine-ane.’

Crate training should focus on getting your dog used to his new space. Here are a few steps that should be part of your crate training:

  • Choose molded-plastic crates over metal/open-wire.
  • Make sure that you leave the crate door open during the early days of training so that he doesn’t associate crate training with punishment or social isolation.
  • Allow sufficient time for your dog to get accustomed to his crate. Let crate training not create separation anxiety in your dog. In a bid to escape he may end up injuring himself.
  • Ensure that there are some chewable toys within the crate and let his first few sessions of crating be not more than one hour.
  • Younger puppies shouldn’t be shut into their crates for longer periods, because they haven’t yet learned bladder control. You should get them out of their crates at least once in the middle of the night, outdoors.
  • Until they get past their adolescence, their crates should be left somewhere close to your bedroom at night.
  • Let the crates be roomy enough to allow him to stand, sleep, stretch and coil without discomfort. Let the crates not be too large where they can mess up one end and coil up on the other. If you’ve bought a crate that is too large for your growing pup, cordon off the additional space with some cardboard boxes.
  • Do get him out for a walk or exercise after being crated for 6 hours.

Crate training is good for your dog until he gets past his adolescence in about 18-20 months. Crate training is correcting behavioral inconsistencies and its good for the dog, the owner, and the household.

If domesticating an animal doesn’t raise questions of “is it being humane,” crate training too shouldn’t.

Do Animals Feel Better When They Eat Healthy Too?

There is a lot of changes in trends nowadays. Usually, it is always about fashion and technology. But because people are more conscious these days, it also includes health and food. There are a lot of diet methods and lifestyles that most are willing to try just to be healthy. Of course, it will still depend upon the person if it will work very well for them.

We are not the ones who are living on this planet though. There are also animals. For that matter, they will also be affected by what is happening around them. Like us, they also eat. The question is how is it similar and different from ours?

What do They Eat?

It will depend upon the animal. Some animals eat plants while some eat other animals for the meat while there are others that eat both. Those that eat plants are called herbivores while those who eat meat are called carnivores. If they eat both, they are called omnivores. But no matter what kind they are, what is happening on the planet will surely affect them.

Do They Require a Diet?

As mentioned before, there are a variety of animals and are different from one another. So unlike humans, they do not require a balanced diet, but they do have one just different. They just eat specific food and are enough for them to live. But even if that is the case, they will still need certain nutrients and will be found on the things they eat whether they are herbivore, carnivore, or omnivore.

Effects of our Actions

We now know that animals are different when it comes to food. But even if that is the case, what we do with our planet will affect them all. The greatest example would be about wastes that cause pollution. Pollution will surely take effect on plants which is the principal source. If they get lessen and weaken, other animals who are carnivores will have none. There will also be no water for them. And like us, they also need air. With air pollution, they will also be affected like the rest of us. With those factors, none of what they eat will be healthy enough.

The Bottomline

Yes, animals do need to have healthy food. It is not just for them but also for us. They are part of the ecosystem which means they have an effect on our surroundings. And with that, it will also affect our health too. With no animals around, it may cause a scarcity of food, and we would not have any source of nutrients.

For that matter, it is important to take care of our environment for the good of all. We should do our parts for it. With different advocates, you will be able to educate yourself and can start on small things. You can also involve your family and friends so that they can be also aware, and those causes will be spread unto others too.