Top Tips On How To Clean Your House’s Siding

Pollution, dust, and all types of dirt are common problems for all home cleaners, especially when you are doing a siding wash. It is indeed time-consuming, and you need thorough preparations to ensure that you leave the house spotless. Sometimes you may not need much effort to clean the sidings when the dirt is minimal. However, if there are some layers forming on the paint, then you need to get all materials that can perfectly remove all the coat from the walls.

If you consider cleaning in a manual way, then you may require a bucket full of water, a nozzle, and a soft-bristle brush to scrub off the dirt. Using a pressure washer can be more effective and faster as compared to the old-fashioned way of cleaning though they are not the best option as they are likely to damage the siding. If you are looking for a more effective way to clean your house siding, then this article is worth reading. Using the pressure method may be a bit faster but not as effective. We will, therefore, provide some tips on how you can perfectly clean your house siding without using chemicals and electric pressure methods.

Some of the items required:

You need to assemble all the items required in cleaning your house siding before you can begin the cleaning process. Some of the essential items that you may require in the cleaning process include a soft-bristled brush to scrub off the duster, an extension pole, a bucket full of water, spray nozzle, ladders, and a hose among other items.

How to clean the house siding

Before you can begin the entire process, you need to ensure that all the lights are off as the water would cause some damage to the lights. Remove the items around the cleaning area. You could also cover the shrubs, flowers using a plastic paper to avoid spilling the cleaning solutions on them.

You should also clean the windows and vents before you can begin cleaning the entire process. For your own safety, you should also put on eye protection masks and gloves while cleaning the house siding.

Begin by wetting the siding with water and spraying in a direction away from the doors and windows within the cleaning area. After wetting, you can now begin scrubbing the siding using the soft-bristled brush. You should also scrub gently to prevent damaging the paint. Also, consider starting from the top as you go down the walls as this allows the scrubbed dirt to wash down and hence to avoid further staining on the walls.

Once you have cleaned the entire area and removed all stains, then you can rinse the dirt using a cleaning solution. You could use the nozzle to rinse off the dirt from the house siding.

Cleaning the house siding may not require regular attention but maybe time-consuming once you embark on it. Cleaning the siding with an electric pressure may damage the paint, and therefore manually cleaning the siding may be the best option to consider.